Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweet baby toes & fancy feet!

This just makes me smile!!!

How cute is this!

Maci Sue needs a photo shoot too! Maci finally stood still long enough for me to capture a few pics of her showing off her new style. I guess since it doesn't happen very often, I find these pictures absolutely adorable.
It's hard to believe, but the supermodel above is going to be three, yes, THREE!!! There is no way that it's been three years since this gorgeous baby girl came into our lives. We love her more and more everyday! She is mischievous, rough, hysterical, rotten, and best of all unconditionally love able!!!! We love you Maci Sue!

Just a spoonful of SUGAR!!!

Mary Poppins perhaps?!?!
Or, just my SWEET Abagail!

These day, unless she's at school and it's not allowed there, you won't find Abagail in anything other than a dress. Usually including tights, fancy shoes & a tiara; everyday, all day! She sure loves her girly clothes.