Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Just a little birthday wish goes out to my husband's mom, Robbyn! She is a fantastic Mom & the best NaNa in the world.
Hope you have a great day Robbyn!
Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Just hangin' out!


Yep, we got a new pup! WELL . . . actually Ryan did.

Josh & Molly Schneider gave this lab pupppy to our family a couple weeks ago. (Thanks guys)

Ryan has big plans for this dog, AKA Shooter. His intentions are to train him to deer-shed hunt. We'll see how this turns out?

Abagail & Maci really like Shooter. . . as long as he isn't jumping on them that is.

Get down Shooter. . .

So Big!!!

Maci cheezin' it up for Momma!

I love my baby girl smiles!!!


What special father-daughter bonding time that Ryan & Abagail get to share. Abagail loves to be outside & Ryan loves to mow, so they both benefit:) Abagail says that Maci Sue is too 'yittle' to mow. I think she just says this so that she doesn't have to share her time with Daddy.


Above is PawPaw Mike, Uncle Sean, Maci Sue, Ryan, & most importantly. . . the bunny!

Awhhh, bunny! (poor thing)

About a week or so ago, we went to Ryan's mom & dad's for dinner & of course a visit to all the bunnies. Above is Maci & Abagail petting one.

Pretty Pretty Princess

Aunt Sara & cousin Hannah gave this cute little pretty-pretty-princess tutu outfit to Abagail a couple weeks ago & as you can see, she is quite proud of it! She loves to dress up! The pics above are some of her many poses.
Thanks Sara & Hannah!