Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What is it?

A couple day ago I realized that I had not heard anything out of Abagail for a good little while. I decided something was up. She's not a quite child unless she is getting into something that she knows she's not supposed to be doing. So, I grabbed my camera & started my search for her unknowing what she was up to. Luckily, it wasn't anything bad. I found her in Maci Sue's room in awe over something out the window. Look close at the next pic and you'll see what was so intriguing to Abagail.

A Bunny Rabbit!

Abagail was very excited to have a bunny in her own yard, just like her PawPaw Mike has in his shed. Yes, Mike is a rabbit farmer now! My girls love 'em, especially Maci Sue. Maci is really starting to talk now & we hear alot about bunnies. They are her favorite:)

Abagail then called Maci into see her new bunny. The girls stared out the window for a good 20 minutes till the bunny realized the girls were pondering up a plan to go catch him to take him to their PawPaw's shed & he took off. Sorry PawPaw Mike, we thought we had another bunny for your collection. Maybe next time:)!!!

One of my favorites!!!

Now that the weather is finally nice, we have gotten a chance to spend some time at the park up the road from our house. Every chance we get we are outside. They love every bit of it & I get a tan too!

Hail Storm

Here's a couple pictures from our most recent hail storm that we had this past Tuesday morning. Most of the hail was atleast quarter size. As far as we could tell we have no damage, thank goodness.

Outside play

Hi Daddy!!!

Maci is still not liking the ground outside, but we finally have her convinced that the sidewalk is okay. Now she just waits & waves for Ryan to come across the yard & scoop her up to go for a walk.

Abagail enjoys pulling the wagon around just as much as she enjoys riding in it.
What fun they have with it!

Maci Sue taking a little ride on her bike & is as happy as can be!

Speed Racer

Not the best of picture, but Abagail wanted to see how fast she is & asked me to take a pic of her to show her. I did as she asked & she was so proud of her self. Now, she keeps telling me 'I run so fast Momma!'

Wagon Rides


We love spring weather!

Just takin' a stroll!!!

Jail Birds!

Abagail decided to join Maci Sue in her crib after arising from their naps.
Yep, I got in here all by myself! -Abagail's smile says it all!
BUT, According to Maci's expression -What she doin' in my bed? & Get her outta here!

Emmie & girls

Group HUG!

The other night Willy & Emily stopped in to see the girls. Abagail & Maci Sue absolutely love them both. I think this is because they are always playing with them & having fun. When they come over, Abagail is Emily's girl & Maci Sue is Willy's girl. Abagail asks me everyday, if not twice a day, if Emmie can come to her house. We love Willy & Emily stopping by, so guys keep coming:) Above are a few pics of the girls hanging out with Emily. Notice they are wearing sunglasses while they are inside the house? This is an everyday thing, they love 'em. Abagail has several pairs & of all different colors. She wears a different pair each day to match her outfit:)

Like my hair?

Abagail is showing us her new hairdo for the day. . . . between her changing her clothes every 1/2 hour, she is constantly doing something different with her hair & me having to paint her finger/toe nails every other day? I'm afraid she may be just like her NaNa! Yeeeks for me:)

Motorcycle Baby


Ryan is happy that atleast one of our kids like his motorcycle.
(not to ride on it of course, but to just sit on it)
Abagail is scared of it & runs in the house to hide any time Ryan gets the bike out.
Maci Sue on the other hand, we can't hardly get her off of it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthday Fun

Here's our family together for Ryan's Birthday back from the beginning of April (sorry I'm posting this a bit late) Abagail was so excited to sing Happy Birthday & blow out candles, as you can tell.

Fishing with Daddy

Ryan & Abagail showing off their first catch of the year!

Abagail is so proud of having her own fishing pole (Thanks Sara)

First of many weddings

Tis' the season for weddings. This is the first of many weddings for us in 08. In this pic is Ryan & me & my brother Willy with his girl friend Emily. It was exceptionally cold weather for April with even some snow flurries that morning. I understand April showers, but not freezing weather in mid-April. . . burrr!

Jen's wedding

My cousin Jen got married last weekend & here are a few pics from the wedding reception.
Above is Carla, Me, & Sam
(disregard the hand in the pic. . . thanks CJ)
The group of guys below are known as
'the fishing men'
Donnie, Ryan, & John

Hangin' with the girls

Cousinly love. . .
Abagail, Hannah, Jessie, Me, & Maci Sue

Aunt Mary's Visit

Here's my Aunt Mary & Abagail hanging out. Aunt Mary would slide Abagail across the floor & she loved it. This was a game for Abagail, but believe it was very tiring for Aunt Mary.
We don't get to see her much as she & her family live in North Carolina. We enjoyed the little bit of time we got to spend with them & look forward to their next visit:)

Dancing Machines!!!

Our girls absolutely love to dance. They are contantly asking us to turn on the radio. They are having a blast swinging each other's arms & tons of giggles too.

Abagail's showing us her moves going solo!

Babies, Babies, & more Babies

The girls decided that their babies were hungry & tired, so here they are giving their babies bottles & keeping them warm under a blankie.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Keeping Track

Just an update of what the girls are up too these days . . . Abagail is going through a bit of the 'terrible twos' right now. Even though she is pretty rotten to Maci Sue, Maci can give it right back to her. Abagail is definitely a 'girlie-girl' & has always been. She loves shoes, bows, dresses, & anything to do with make-up or jewelry!!! Not real sure where she gets this from though . . . (ROBBYN & FLO!!!) Not sure yet what Maci Sue will like, as she just follows Abagail around to see what she's getting into, that way she can join her. I do know that Maci is not much of an outside girl. She wants to be outside, but is scared to death to be put down. She'll just stand there & not even take a step?: ) She may not be 100% of her Daddy after all!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

No luck:(

Unfortunately we had no luck on our day of fishing. Not sure if it was really because the fish weren't biting or because we had Abagail with us:) She was so excited to go, but as soon as we pulled up to the boat dock she said 'I no like it, I go home!'. . . a little late for that as the lake is well over an hour from our house. She was overall very good, but don't think we'll be taking her again to go fishing, or at least for another year or so.

Friday, April 4, 2008

No more basketball

#23 is my brother Willy. He made 1st team all-district, all-conference, & all-area this year.
Abagail & I love to go the the games to cheer Willy on. This is probably one of her most favorite things to do. She actually watches the cheerleaders more than the basketball players though. Too bad basketball season is over for the school year, we'll have to switch to baseball now.

Sucker Time!

How cute is this. . . Abagail is always attached to either Ryan or me. Here as you can see she is enjoying Daddy time, suckers & all!


My wonderful Aunt Carla, Cuz Jess, & Me at Fast Eddie's. We had a blast!!!

Meet my Mom

Here's my Mom & Me!

Jess & Me!

Here's me & my fav cousin Jessica, or as my girls call her Jessie! We had a girls night out in celebration of our other cousin, Jennifer's bachelorette party. We are double cousins. . . see any resemblance?


Sisterly Love:)

Abagail loves Maci Sue a little too hard sometimes! Poor Maci can't get away either:)

Jump Back to '07

Let's jump back to Christmas 2007.
Gotta love the holidays!

Meet Our Gang!!!

Our Family, Easter 2008. This was a busy day for us, as all holidays are. We attended four different family get-togethers & cherished the little bit of time that we got to spend at each.

Stay tuned for pics. . .

I will attempt this later today. Can't be that hard. . . we'll see how long it takes me though:) Stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today Ryan turned the BIG 27! All he wanted to do for his birthday was to go fishing, so wish us luck tomorrow on the rising Mark Twain Lake. Hope we come home with a good catch of croppie!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Give it a shot!

I decided to give this a shot! I love viewing everyone else's blogs, so I thought why not have one of my own? For those of you who don't know our family, here's a bit about us. My husband, Ryan, is a die-hard hunter/fisher. He thrives on the outdoors. Ryan & I met in 2001, married in 2004, & had our first child, Abagail, (on our 1 year anniversary) in October of 2005, then had our 2nd child, Maci Sue, in February 2007. In other words, two babies within 16 months of age. . . YES, we are very busy. I hope to keep this up, but if I don't. . .you know why.