Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our shed!!

We put the finishing touch on the shed a couple months ago & we are proud how it turned out.

Tonya's Shower!

Tonya is the one is the pink & she is the bride-to-be! I am honored to be in a bridesmaid in her wedding in August. Some of my other dearest friends are also in the picture, Kala & Julie!

More ball pics!

Hank is laughing at himself playing ball!

PS. Hank does wear clothes!! Not sure why so many of my pics are taken with him just in his diaper?!?!


I am not one that really cares for my kids to get messy. It drives me crazy! But, Hank really wanted what his sisters were eating & I gave in. Below, Hank is covered in chocolate chip granola bar & strawberry breakfast bar! What a MESS! Hank LOVED it though!! He smeared it all of his tray & all of him. Look how messy I am!!
So Funny!!

Play Ball!

I am not exagerating that Hank's very favorite thing to do is play ball! He chases them around the house all day & has now learned how to successfully throw them. Hands above the head & throw!! In the pics, Hank is throwing to his Auntie Em!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

#2 Pre-K Graduation

So proud of my little girl! She has learned so much in the last year! Amazing what she knows going into Kindergarten!

Tramploine Fun

All three on the trampoline!

Ridin Along in my Big Red Wagon!

First trip to the local flea market this year & Hank was such a trooper. It was a successful one. Hank sat in his wagon the whole time & loved it! Notice the rubber spatula in his hand. This is Hank's second favorite toy! He loves them, not sure why but they sure entertain him!

Favorite toy!

Did I ever mention that Hank absolutely loves balls. They are by far his favorite toy. Chasing a ball can keep him occupied for hours.