Thursday, September 30, 2010

Best of Friends!

My very best friend from highschool, Julie, came over today for a visit with her new little one, Madison. She is such a doll! We were lucky enough to be pregnant together and then both blessed with healthy babies. Hank is six weeks old today & Madison will be three weeks old tomorrow. Thanks so much for visiting. Looking forward to next time!

Some day they will be the best of friends too!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

More From Today

Oh My! Check out these smiles! Mom came over for a visit and I guess Hank was happy to see her. Thank goodness my camera was close. These smiles are worth a million bucks!!!


More of Chick-a-dee #2

This girlie cracks me up!

Different Faces

The Wink! The Stare!
The Sleeping Smile!

These are the three most common faces that you'll get from Hank. He is a doll!!! (A boy doll that is:) I just want to squeeze his cheeks!
The last pic of Hank is 100% pure Ryan!

week of fun

On our visit to see Daddio the girls had lots of fun. There were Lego's awaiting them and they were played with much. We had a nice evening at the park where the girls got to burn off some energy. On another night Daddio took the girls to an indoor party place called 'the pizza machine'. We enjoyed a trip to the pool. And lastly, movie night with popcorn!
LeGo'SThE pArK
tHe PiZzA mAcHiNe

MoViE nIgHt
We also had an enjoyable visit with some relatives/blogging friends of ours the Schneiders! Mindy did such a good job taking pics. Hop on over to her blog to check out the fun we had with 5 girls & Hank all under the age of 5! Thanks Tinley, Taylin, Tarin & Mindy for having us! Looking forward to doing it again sometime:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

All in a day's work

Give Abagail a day and she'll have any puzzle you give her completed (100 pc and under that is). She loves puzzles and will work on them for hours. Next up is 150 piece since she's mastered the 100 piece ones. Not to shabby for an almost Five year old, yes I said, 5! Hard to believe too! My oldest (still my baby girl though) will be in school next year. NOOO, not already?!?! Abagail is a great big sister to her new baby brother and she's always looking out for Maci Sue, although they fight like cats-n'-dogs. She is sensitive with a very soft heart, like her Momma and blue eyes like her Daddio! Abagail is always thriving to learn more. She loves pre-k workbooks, coloring, and asking lots of questions like 'what's that mean' and 'how do you' or 'how does this work' and 'why'? I LOVE my beautiful (almost) 5 year old!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hank ONE month

I would like to share with you what's new with our baby BOY.
Hank continues to be the almost PERFECT baby. He is still very CONTENT.
Hank now eats 4 ounces every 3-4 hours. He is awake more, sometimes from one feeding to the next.
I LOVE that he is making more eye contact, this MELTS my heart. BEST of all, Hank has even SMILED a real smile at me.
I love Hank's ROUTINE too. Around 8:00 at night he likes the lights turned down LOW and just LOOKS around awaiting his next feeding. The last feeding is around 10ish. I SWADDLE him, then in the bassinet he goes. Hank wakes up once during the night around 2ish, then he GREETS me with his big BLUE eyes again around 6ish. No complaints here!
Unlike his sisters, Hank loves his sass (pacifier). It SOOTHES him. I too like that he loves it, but I may think different in the future:) Hank has grown out of all newborn clothing & all 0-3 m. He is now wearing 3 m & pushing towards some 3-6m. Our little guy is growing!
Hank brings us SO much JOY!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Milestone Pictures

Abagail Jean 5 years old!
Maci Sue 3 1/2 years old!
Hank Ryan (almost) 1 month pic! All of our beautiful kiddos!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hank's Hangout!

Where's Hank?!?!Pictures of Hank's room below!

Bedroom made for a hunter!
Hank's room is not finished yet, but it's off to a good start.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


These two SISTERS love their BROTHER!!!

Like Father Like Son

I love this!
The picture says it all!
I think this is just the beginning of being best buds!

Can we keep it!

The girls came knocking on the door full of excitement over the weekend. "Look what Daddio found for us! PLEASE!!! Can we keep it!?!?" Look at these faces. Pretty pitiful. Unfortunately (sarcasm here!), the bunny was too small to keep and had to be returned to it's home to be with it's Momma & Daddio and brother and sister's.
Maci Sue has always been an animal lover!
Abagail was pretty fond of the bunny too!
I'm afraid I see us raising rabbits in the future!

Look Close

Not much hair to work with, but yep, I got it to spike! Poor guy, I will be chasing Hank down with hair gel and trying all new styles on him. Guess that's what you get with a cosmetologist for a momma!