Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!!

Maci Sue is TWO!!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Maci Sue!!!!

Thanks Will & Em for the baseball gear! Since it was too cold outside to play. . . they got away with playing baseball inside. This is a one-time only thing too!

We may have a pro on our hands!

Just relaxing.

Good Night Sleep!

Here's the Birthday Girl & her big sis getting a good night sleep after a big day & before another. Both girls are cuddling with their Barbie's & snuggling with their new Puppy Pillows (thanks, MawMaw Flo)! ! !

The Birthday Cake!

The birthday Girl cheezing!

What a great homemade, decorated Sponge-Bob cake, don't you think?

Well, seeing the Schneider's homemade decorated cakes (Dora, Princess Castle & Barbie Princess) inspired me . . . . . to ask my Mom to make a homemade Sponge-Bob cake, since I have NO creativity. I think it turned out so good . . . Thanks Mom!

AND the cake tastes great too!!!

The birthday gifts!

Such a lucky little girl to get so many gifts on her birthday!

Here Maci Sue is sporting her shades & raincoat while going for a little scooter ride!

Maci Sue too now has a life-size Barbie, thanks to her NaNa & PawPaw Mike. Maci (with NaNa's help) has officially named her SUE!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Big Weekend

We have a big weekend planned. Tonight, the girls are having a sleepover at their NaNa Robbyn & PawPaw Mike's and tomorrow we are having a party in celebration of Maci Sue's birthday, whom by the way turns TWO on Sunday!!! I will have lots of pics to post so check back soon!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Top 5

Top 5 Things You Should Know About My Girls!

Abagail Jean

She has a very good friend. . . her name is Shug. . . she’s a life size Barbie. Abagail takes her everywhere, or at least everywhere she’s allowed. You know how some kids have an imaginary friend, or at least I DID, any who, this is pretty much the same way except Shug takes up room. . . couch space, vehicle space, bed space (in Abagail’s bed, but Abagail doesn’t mind). Abagail treats her like a real person, wants to brush her teeth (which she doesn’t have any), puts band aids on her when she gets hurt, changes her clothes (which is okay cause Shug & Abagail wear the same size), & even tried to put her on the potty once (but I had to draw the line somewhere, that wasn’t allowed) Anyways, just thought I’d share that we have a new member to our family!!!

Abagail is a junk-food-junkie! Loves candy, chips, anything that has alot of sugar or salt!

Abagail kind-of has a temper. . . she stomps her feet & cries when she doesn’t get her way & yells at us that what we just gave her was not what she wanted (it was the wrong color or something) . . .okay so maybe she not just kind-of has a temper, she DOES have a really bad one. (Can you guess who she gets this from?!?!)

Abagail loves to sleep in the living room, our room, anywhere but her bed. We let her do this on the weekends & she really thinks she’s getting away with something!

She loves TV . . . Sponge Bob, iCarly, Josh & Drake, & her favorite movie is ‘Mary Poppins’. Unfortunately, the VCR ate the old-time VHS tape last week:( We try not to even mention the word movie now till we find a replacement.

Now . . . onto Maci Sue (who by the way will be turning TWO really soon)

Maci Sue

Maci Sue is definitely a Momma's Girl (which I am very proud of). She always, & I mean always wants me to hold her. From the time I get home, she is at my legs asking to be held and if we go anywhere, you can surely find Maci Sue in my arms. (I know this won't last for long. . .so I'm just gonna hold her till she doesn't want me to anymore. . . hummm, is that called spoiling?!?!)

Like most younger siblings, Maci follows in her sister's foot steps. Anything Abagail does, asks for, or has, Maci is all about it. Maci is Abagail's little shadow!

Maci is our little book reader. . . or what, she can't read, I do the reading & she is the book listener. We have read the same Elmo book since x-mas & she now has it memorized!

She LOVES to be scared, which is a good thing since her Daddy-O is always scaring her. He's constantly hiding behind a wall or door, jumping out at her, me or Abagail & Maci Sue just giggles & asks him to do it again!:) Don't worry Maci gets him back!!!

Lastly, the way to put a smile on Maci's face is to give her something to eat! She loves food & has always been a great eater. At preschool, they send a note home about what they had for dinner & Maci's always says ALL, X2. Abagail's note on the other hand usually says TRIED IT:)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Many Faces of Maci Sue

This seems to be the face we see most when we ask for a smile from Maci Sue.

It sure puts a smile on our faces!

Just a few pics

Just having Fun!

1st Haircut!!!


(check out her face?!?!)


(not so sure what to think?!?!)


Baby Girl Lickteig

Taylor Lickteig
Proud parents are Julie & Dusty Lickteig

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We have a biter

Poor Abagail . . .
Maci has become a biter. So far her only victims are Abagail & myself, even at that, this is not a good thing. Any suggestions on how to get her to stop this are welcomed. So sad. . .

Snow Bunnies!

We Are Free!!!!
Can't wait till Spring gets here.

What's wrong with this pic?

While in the bath tub playing with these bath people, Abagail told me a story-line as to why she is dressing them the way she did. "The Momma is always cold so she needs alot of clothes on & the Daddy-O is always hot so he needs to wear the swimming suit"
Smart thinking!