Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This week vs Last week

Our little guy was admitted into the hospital last week for RSV. He had pneumonia and an ear infection on top of that. It is so sad to see a baby struggle to breathe. He was so uncomfortable and it just broke my heart. After only three days in the hospital, Hank was so much better (compared to day one there), but still had several days to go to get back to his happy self.

He looked so pitiful.

Momma's cuddles helped a little.


Sleeping in a wagon.


Just one week later! God is good, our prayers answered. Hank is back to his smiley, social, happy, healthy self!

I want to thank everyone for all the kind thoughts and prayers! We are so blessed to have such a great friend & family support system! Thank you, Thank you!

First Day Pre-K!!!

Our soon to be kindergartner is now enrolled in Pre-K at her future school. This experience is just like kindergarten. She can ride the bus to and from school, eats a tray breakfast & lunch everyday in the same cafeteria as K through 4th grade does & has daily packets of home work to do. Abagail is on cloud 9! She loves a challenge & the thrives for the structure. She has begged to go to school everyday, but I am reluctant since starting next year she will be a full time student for the next 20+ years of her life. I am content sending her three days, then her enjoying the other two with her G (my Mom) & siblings. Abagail wakes up at 5am, by herself, just to make sure she's not late for the bus. I'm sure this excitement will wear off, but it's fun watching her excitement on the morning of a school day. The picture below shows my big girl getting off the bus from her first day of school. She thinks she's pretty big stuff!

P.S. For those of you curious....Momma definitely shed more tears than Abagail did on her first day of Pre-K. This transition was more overwhelming for me than her! It's like she grew up for good in just one day....sigh!!!

P.S.S. Abagail's hair was fixed adorable when she went to school....not sure what happened, but pig-tails came out & hair in face happened! We are working on this...she insists that at nap time, it's too hard to sleep with pony tails in...I don't blame her! Just need to find a way to keep her hair not get so out of control...I'm thinking head bands?!?!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

5 Months!!!

Little man, aka Buckwheat, is 5 months old!!! Unbelievable how so much changes in just a short amount of time in a newborns life. This last month Hank's routine has been no longer. He still sleeps all night, which is awesome, but the whole eating bottles/food routine has changed significantly. He used to eat every 3-4 hours, 5 oz, no matter what...then we introduced baby food!!! Now, little guy prefers food over the bottles! Not a good thing since all of a baby's nutrition comes from their bottles, so the doctor ordered us to discontinue the food for a while, get Hank back to eating bottles, then re-introduce the food at only half the amount. So far, so good, but he still doesn't take his bottles as well as he used to. Everyday is a different day with Hank anymore. Other than this, Buckwheat is great. He can still squeeze into 6/9 month clothing (depending on the brand), but sure fills out his 9 month sleepers. Believe it or not, but Hank is long! You would never guess this by looking at Ryan or me, but I guess he inherited his genes from someone else in the family. Hank is not as social as he used to be, but put one of his big sisters in front of him and watch the grins and giggles flow!!! I know I say this alot, but Hank is an awesome baby and we are truly blessed!!!
Below is a pic of the 5 month old with his big sisters!!!
It's going to be fun watching these three grow up together!

Sleeping girls!

The girls got beanbags for Christmas and they love them! They use them all the time, including to sleep in. Snoozin...
Our little sleepin' beauties!

Sleddin 2011!

The girls loved sledding again this year, despite the cold! They squealed so loud as Daddio chucked them down the hill. I love those squeales of delight.

Cousin Kourtni

The three little Mooney girls together!!! Aunt Crystal (that's me!) & Kourtni! Big cuz & Little cuz!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Orange Cheeks!

Hank is really starting to like baby food. In the last few days he has started eating a whole jar of baby food mixed with cereal. The cereal must be too bland for him & the baby food too strong or maybe it's a texture thing? But, if you mix them together, we have a good eater! Here's a few pictures of Hank after eating mixed veggies and already being washed down and wiped off several times. Funny how babies skin will tent to the color of food that they eat. So far Hank has eaten sweet potatoes, green beans, bananas, sweet peas & mixed veggies! Squash & Pears are on the menu for this week! Yumm!