Thursday, February 17, 2011

Girls "new" Room!

10 yr State Championship anniversary

Me & my future Sister-in-law!!!!!! I am gonna love having her in the family!!!!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Just a Swingin!

Hank still loves his swing!

Visit to NaNa's House

GREAT PawPaw Nick with Hank

The three Mooney girls!

Love Friday Nights!

Many of our Friday nights consist of one of our favorite people coming over, cousin Jessie. We love her visits! (You are welcome anytime Jess!)

Snow Storm

Blizzard 2011 left us with a foot of snow in some places and 4 foot snow drifts in others. The only good part of the snow storm is that we were snowed in for a few days at NaNa & PaPa Mike's & Daddio spent a whole week with us too since he was snowed out at work. Fun, Fun!
The girls LOVE being outside in the snow, especially Abagail. Maci usually has to come in the house often to thaw, but Abagail is a trooper and can stand the bitter cold, just to stay out in it and play. The snow was beautiful, but I think we are all READY for spring to get here! Come on warm weather!


Tell me this is comfortable?
I'm pretty sure I'd have a kink in my neck the next day after a night of sleep like this! Don't worry, we didn't leave Maci like this all night. After a few pics, we swooped her up and laid her comfortably in her bed.


So sweet!
I am always finding myself taking pictures of the kids sleeping. They are so peaceful when they sleep and it's the sweetest thing.


Handsome Little Man! Although purple is not Hank's color, he doesn't seem to mind Maci's beanbag at all. Actually, he loves it. It is a great way for him to be safe while his wild sisters run around, he can watch his sisters perfectly & takes an occasional nap or two in it as well.