Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Gang!

Daddio & his little man! Hank was a little water baby!
Daddio & his girls!!

The 3 Munchkins!

Dang it's hard to get a pic of all three of them cooperating!
We had such a blast at the pool with the kids! Now, only if I can talk Ryan into getting a pool for home!!! A girl can wish, right!?!?

My Water Baby, Hank!

Big Girl, Abagail!

Stinker, Maci Sue!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hank's first 'big boy toy'!

Check out Hank's new ride!!!

Hank LOVES his new jacked-up wagon & so does Daddio!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another one of my favs

I just had to post this pic. I have added this picture to my favorites list! Such a happy boy, always smiling!!!

First bite of dill pickle

Hank: 'I don't think I like it'
'Yep, foresure.. I don't like it! So sour!'

'Please NO more. I'm not looking!'

Pre-K Graduation

Abagail graduated pre-K this month. I video-taped the event & unfortunately, didn't get any pictures but this one. In her bad is a map of the United States. Because Abagail had a phenomenal teacher, she has learned all of her states & capitals by song. Amazing to hear a 5 year old recite them!

Funny story that I have to share. Abagail is generally a reserved, some what shy, kid around new people or crowds, BUT at this particular event Abagail was the kid on stage sticking her tongue out at the audience & making hand gestures coming from her head! Unbelievable! Pretty sure she was the only girl on stage making a scene. Not even sure who she was directing these gestures too!