Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good-Bye Cuddling

Abagail got to go on a vacation this week with my Mom & Dad, her Gee & PawPaw. I was/am sad to let her go since she'll be gone for a couple days, but Abagail on the other hand has been so excited about it. Abagail left on Tuesday, so these pics are of Monday night when Daddy-O showed his soft side & asked Abagail to cuddle with him for awhile since he was going to miss her. Maci joined in on the cuddling also, not realizing that she would be without her big sis for a couple days.

I'll post later to let you know how the girls are doing without each other & how I'm doing with it too:)

Cute Shirts Girls!

Check out the girls new shirts! Uncle Willy & Emmie picked these out for them and as we all know about Abagail and her clothes, she loves her new shirts. Thanks Wil & Emm! (Oh yeah, I'll post some pics of the other set of shirts when it's a good day for me, lol.)
'What happens in Preschool. . . Stays in Preschool!!!'
'Daddy does my HAIR'

Monday, August 25, 2008

New & Improved!

Okay, so here's the story . . . We have a back porch that has never been used for anything, except to collect stuff. Ryan & I decided to put it to some good use & turn it into a play room for the girls. It works out great, less clutter in the girls bed rooms, & a fun space just for them to make a mess with their toys. We did this while the girls were so polite enough to let us while they took a 4 hour nap for us. . .yes 4 hours, it was great to accomplish this so quickly & may I say pretty easy to do without little hands & feet trying to help:) Anyways, the pics above are of Abagail's first time seeing her new play room. Both her & Maci were so excited!

Pampered Chef Time!

Now that we have the girls play room set up, it's much easier to play dress up. The girls love to wear their pampered chef aprons & chef hats and cook up a mean meal!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wanna be like Daddy-O

Check out Maci Sue's boots.
I don't know what it is with kids & their amusement with wearing adults shoes, but it sure is cute.

Flower Pickin'

Abagail loves to pick us flowers & grass. She picked me some of these so-called-flowers & then picked some for herself. She thought that if she blew hard enough she could blow off the petals things just like she can on the full bloomed ones.
Still trying!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Abagail's 1st French-Braid

Since Abagail was born, I have almost always had something in her hair; bow, pony-tail, headband, clip, anything that'll stay. I guess she has adapted to this and thinks it's a necessity; which is a good thing. She always wants to have her hair done & then look at herself in the mirror. Kinda prissy, if you ask me:) Anyways, she asked me to braid her hair the other day. She must of had ants in her pants or something, but even though she had the wiggles I still accomplished the task. It may not be the best, but I thought it didn't turn out to bad considering. Abagail modeled her hair for me since she was so proud of it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Unexpected Sleepover!

Maci couldn't hang with the rest of 'em, she tuckered out & went home with Momma & Daddy-O
Clair, Abagail, & Jessie
Oh wait. . . Maci Sue too!

It is very hard to believe, but Abagail is quickly growing up. She is now pondering ways to get to spend the night with almost anyone. A couple weeks ago she begged to spend the night at NaNa's house & now this past weekend she pleaded to go to Clair's. Of course, she got her way both times as it is so hard to tell that little girl's smile no, especially when she's jumping up & down with excitement:)

Birthday Cake

Molly, Abagail, Maci Sue & Clair enjoying Uncle Bruce's birthday cake
Abagail & Molly checking out Chip's DS.
A little lovin'!

This past weekend we attended a surprise birthday party for Uncle Bruce. Surprisingly, the weather cooperated & we were able to enjoy a nice afternoon & evening outside with the family. Abagail got to spend time with one of her best cousins, Molly & Maci was a little follower. She thought that anything they did, she could do. It was a very enjoyable Saturday.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sleeping Beauties!

A little cuddle time with Daddy-O.
There's not much more precious than a sleeping baby!
Check out Abagail's sleeping buddies; Dora & a baby doll. Notice that they too are covered up with a blanket. A book always helps her go to sleep too:)