Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a Treat!

What a fun night!!! Nana is the best! She treated the girls and me to dinner and a show, Toy Story 3. The girls loved the movie and we had a good time visiting with NaNa too! Thanks NaNa for all you do for us!!!!

Too funny not to share!

Too funny not to share!

I love listening to the girls talk. If you actually listen, the things they say are adorable, true, funny, comical, and all at the same time, so unrealistic! I wanted to share a few things that I've jotted down over the last month or so.

For several months Abagail constantly asked if the baby was going to be a brother or a sister. I kept replying that I just didn't know. About the 100th time she asked, I explained... God decides what the baby is going to be and he is the only one that knows until the baby is born. (Because we choose not to find out, but I didn't tell her this) Without any hesitation, Abagail folded her hands and looked up to the ceiling..."Dear God, please let my new baby be a baby brother and not a baby sister, I already have one of them"!!! ~ I know Abagail will be happy no matter what the new member of our family is, but she knows that prayer is powerful, so I guess she thought this was something to pray for.

Maci Sue is excited about the new baby too! (BY the way, she says the baby is going to be a girl) She says that when the baby comes out that she is going to give it a piggy-back ride! Of course this was after Abagail said that when the baby comes out then she was going to hold it and help give it a bottle and change it's diaper. ~ Hmm... think I need to explain a little to Maci that the baby isn't going to be ready for a piggy-back ride for some time?!?!

Abagail and Maci have officially started fighting like siblings do. Maci has learned to mimic, aka copy-cat, Abagail just to get a reaction out of her. As Abagail walked away from her annoying-but-cute-little-sister, she looked up at Ryan and said, "I just wish Maci was for sale" ~ I know she doesn't mean this and after many more years of showing sisterly-love (NOT), they will be the best of friends! Guess it's just getting there that is going to be the fun part:)!

Abagail officially learned to blow a bubblegum bubble. She is so proud of herself. ~ She has asked for so long to be taught and I never realized how hard it was to teach this & I just had to give up. Next thing you know, she did it all by herself! Go Abagail!

I have at least 100 more things I could share, but I'll save some of those for a later date! Hope you found these as cute as I do!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Best Daddio Award

The girls & Ryan got to spend some quality time over Father's Day weekend. It was so nice to have him home, even if it was just for a short visit. The girls fell asleep either in Ryan's arms or on his lap each night and Ryan didn't mind it one bit! No matter what we did or where we went, Abagail was on one side of him and Maci on the other. They sure love their Daddio & vissa~versa!

Ryan being the great Daddio that he is, he painted the girls toes and fingers for them!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Maci Sue never ceases to amaze us with anything she says and does. I think she has realized that she is going to have to share me with someone else and this on top of her routine being significantly disrupted in the past couple months leads to many of fit throwings. She has always been our sweet, mischievous baby girl, so this is much unlike her to act up. After a long day of fit throwing, for no reason may I add, she finally gave up and crashed.
I sure hope this phase doesn't last long!