Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gee's trip to Omaha!

My Mom, aka Gee, & my brother and his fiance came up to visit us on our vacation to see Ryan. It was a good time for everyone!! Lots of swimming, zoo time & a visit to a children's museum!



Petting ZOO!!

Train Ride!!

Children's Museum!!

Fair 2011!

The girls loved the fair this year! Prizes!

Auntie Em with the Girls!

Gee with Hank!

On a ride!

Carousel horses!

Swim Lessons!!

NaNa took charge this year & but my girls in swim lessons! I could not be any more greatful! My girls were timid of a bathtub, nevertheless, a pool! In preparation, Abagail insisted on practicing by wearing goggles while attempting to take a shower! Maci followed! After about a week, goggles game off & they were both taking showers. Still scared of water in their face, swim lessons were right around the corner. Believe it or not, but they both did beautifully!! Abagail does not like to jump off the side or a diving board but loves to swim under water, eyes open and all. Maci on the other hand loves to jump in then swim to us! I am so proud of what the girls achieved in just a week. A huge thank you to NaNa for everything you did that week for the girlie's!!

Great Grandma!

My Grandma & the girls enjoying a play date!!