Thursday, November 19, 2009

Halloween 2009!

The girls had a great Halloween this year!

Sleeping Beauty & Miss Kitty!

Halloween Stops - Family

Great Grandma Huber, stop #3
Gee, stop #2
Great MawMaw Flo, stop #1

The Trick-or-Treaters!
The girls were lucky enough to have Uncle Willy and his girlfriend Emily ride along with us this year to our Trick-or-Treating stops. Thanks guys for tagging along, it was fun!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Pics

This picture show the girl's personalities perfectly!


Abagail requested to go to the zoo for her birthday. So, we headed there the Sunday after and to my surprise it was perfect weather and perfect crowd. The girls really loved seeing all the animals and Ryan and I had a great time as well.

Happy Birthday!

Look who's 4!!!
Happy Birthday Abagail!!!!
We LOVE you so much!


This is our NEW home! We LOVE it!

Finally...Some Pictures

What a crazy summer it's been. We got to enjoy a week vacation at Holden Beach NC in July and life hasn't slowed down since. Here's what's been going on in the last few months. My father has been very ill; in and out of the hospital with bizarre stuff going on. We pray he is on the road to recover. My little brother & his girlfriend left for college in early August. Our whole family misses them, but we look forward to their trips home. We sold our home and bought a home...yepee! Maci is FINALLY potty trained. Abagail turned 4!!! Yes, I said 4. What? I know, I know, it can't be? I am having a hard time dealing with it myself! Abagail on the other hand, is thrilled!!!! She says that she is almost one whole hand old! AND lastly, the same day as Abagail's 4th birthday, Ryan & I celebrated our 5th anniversary! Yep, FIVE YEARS!!! Anywho, hope you enjoy the pictures I have to share.

Vacation Recap

Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation Family Pics!

Holden Beach, NC was beautiful! We had a great time! I have tons & tons of pics to post, but will have to find the time to do so. Here's a few family pics that I wanted to share.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Definately a Softball Player!!

I think we may have a softball player on our hands. Thanks to Uncle Willy, he has taught Abagail the correct stants for hitting the ball & what a great swing she has. She keeps her eye on the ball as you can see if you click on the middle picture. What a great hitter Abagail!!!! I love softball myself, so I hope to be my baby girls coach someday!

Peaches & Oreo

Meet our cats...peaches & oreo. Can you guess which cat is which? Anywho, the girls absoluetly LOVE their baby kittys. The love must be returned too. As you can tell the girls pack them kittens around in everyway possible and for some reason the cats don't seem to mind being strangled, upside down & purely loved on! Our cousins Hannah & Grant gave these sweet, tame baby kittys to the girls, thanks guys . Hours upon Hours are spent with the cats, chasing them, playing with them, and holding them.

Summer Time

Love Friday nights or any summer nights that is!

Good times, summer games, great weather, fun company!!!!