Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Great Aunt Debbie

Here's the girls with their GREAT Aunt Debbie! She really is 'great'!!! Anytime we're together, she sees to it that my girls are loved unconditionally! Aunt Debbie, I know I don't tell you this enough, but thanks for everything! We love you.

The 3 of us & Mom

Here's My Mom & My Siblings, Chip & Willy.
Chip is the one on the left & Willy is on my right. Here's a little insight on this pic . . . Willy competes with Chip on everything, as brothers tend to do. Don't let Willy fool you as he is actually shorter than Chip, when he's flat footed! Sorry Wil, I had to let your secret out. . . tippie-toes are not allowed. You're making Mom & I look like midgets!

Misc pics from Mother's Day.

My mom & girls

Abagail, my Mom(Gee), Grandma Huber, Me, Maci Sue
I didn't have my camera with me on mothers day, so therefore, didn't have any pictures. So, I borrowed my mom's camera to post a few.

Fishing with PawPaw Eddie

Abagail went fishing with my Dad & was so happy to have caught her own fish AND on her own fishing pole. Okay, who would have thought that a little Dora fishing pole could actually catch & real in a 3 pound catfish? I assumed that the pole was more for fun & if a fish were to get on the line, then the line would just break? Apparently not . . .
Abagail really enjoyed herself! Thanks Dad for taking her, she had a blast!

Monday, June 23, 2008

lightning bugs

Abagail, cousin Alli, & cousin Seth

You can't tell, but here are the kids showing off the lightning bugs they caught. Abagail, never to experience this before, thought it was pretty darn neat to catch the glowing bugs & put it in a jar. She had alot of funny with Alli & Seth. Come back again guys!

Weekend Pics

Snack time! Yummm. . . . juice & corn curls.


The girls needed a snack & what better place to eat corn curls . . . outside. Then, there's no worries about orange finger prints inside.


Oh man are these girls messy! From head to toe, almost completely covered in their dinner. . . spaghetti. Guess I can't expect a 2 year old & 1 year old to eat spaghetti and not get it on them, but this was a little much!

New Slide

Here's Maci Sue trying out her new slide. This is another one of my garage-sale buys. What a bargain you can get, like new & instead of new price of $85, just $5 & it's 'little tykes' too! This is the girls favorite outside toy, at least for now.

Maci Sue is quite proud that she can slide by herself!

Back up we go. . . .

Here Kitty-Kitty

What a great cat, Whitie is! That poor kitty lets Abagail & Maci Sue do whatever they want to do with her. I really feel bad for Whitie, but if it bothered her, I'm sure she'd let us know.

Here Whitie. . . after all that, you deserve a treat!

Basket Rides!

Look what we can do!

Hang on sis! Here we go. . .
This is one of many little things in life that entertain our two kiddos. Each girl takes a turn in the basket & the other pushes & pulls the basket around the room. Since we have all hard wood floors, this can be a little unsafe. BUT they're kids right, let them have their fun?

All that playing Maci did with her big sis, sure did wear her out:)

We don't get these precious snuggles very often, but really cherish when we do.

Baseball 101

Baseball pro, Willy, showing Abagail the correct batting stants. Not sure how much Abagail will remember, but they went over this again & again.

Looks like she's doing it right!

Abagail didn't have much luck hitting the ball, so she asked Uncle Willy for a little help.

Ready . . . Get Set . . .

Great Hit!

New Play House

Check out my garage-sale find. $15, what a bargain!

Here's Willy & Emily, with the help of Abagail, trying to figure out how to put the roof on the house.

I like it!

Emmie . . . this is for the kids, whatcha doing in there?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bathin' Beauties!

Daddy-O, as the girls call him, & Maci Sue taking a break.

Smile . . .

Momma & Maci Sue getting a little wet & alot of sun!

Abagail showing us how she can get her hair wet.


What a blast we had at MawMaw Flo's subdivision swimming pool!

Abagail loved the water since there was a kid section that went from nothing to only two foot deep. She splashed & dipped her head back in the water to get her hair wet & did not want to leave. She asked if she could go back to the big bath tub tomorrow -the mouth of a two year old.

Maci on-the-other-hand was quite skeptical? She was happy as long as I was sitting down in only the one foot deep section & she was on my lap. I think she really liked the water, but was a little overwhelmed with everything. Guess we'll just keep making weekend trips there so she gets used to it, darn!

PawPaw's Bunnies

Awhhh Bunny!
Look PawPaw, there's more bunnies in the cage. Can they come out & play too?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Matching Girls

Call me old fashion, but I love to match the girls. They just look too cute in their matching sundresses and both wearing glasses. (Thanks for their dresses Mom, I love 'em!) To complete them matching, hopefully one day Maci will have enough hair to put into pig-tails or at least a pony-tail!

They may hate me in the future for dressing them alike now, but that's okay!

Animal Lover

Here's our little animal lover, petting her MawMaw Kathy's horse. Great Aunt Carrie was sweet enough to take Maci Sue out to see the horses.

From behind . . .
Uncle Nick, Abagail, Ava, Aunt Carrie w/ Baby Campbell & Maci Sue, & Ryan

Huggin' Addi

Maci & Addison have alot in common. They are both sweet, gentle girls. As you can see, they are sharing their hugs with each other.

Abagail says, 'My turn. . . . I want a hug too!'

Playing ball

Ava & Abagail playing catch.
Nice throw!

That must have been too hard to catch & throw. . . . they decided to just toss.

How adorable is this, Sweet Ava lending a hand to Maci Sue!