Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Little Boy Blue & Smiles Too

HaNk LoOkS HaNdSoMe In bLuE!!!
MuSt Be DrEaMiNg AbOuT BiG BuCkS
(according to Daddio)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Talk about Fun!!!

sLiP aNd sLiDe!!! Daddio giving Maci Sue a toss.
Abagail's turn! WiPe OuT!!!
EyEs cLoSeD!
There is nothing more fun than this $10 version of a slip n slide. Little bit of dish soap, some water, and WA-LAH!!! (I can't take the credit for this idea...thanks Aunt Debbie/Jess) Anyways, tons of fun and cheap, cheap!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

FiRsT wEeK!

OnE wEeK oLd!!!! 6 Days Old! 5 Days Old! 4 Days Old!
3 Days Old!
2 Days Old!
1 Day Old!

We could not be any more blessed! Hank is such a good baby! So far since day one, Hank only gets up once a night to eat and is on an every 3 hour eating schedule through out the day. He very rarely fusses nor lets out a cry. If he's not sleeping, he awake looking around or eating. Hank is very content weather he's laying in his bassinet or in our arms. The girls too are adjusting well. I think they are pretty proud to add a brother to our family!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Introducing Hank Ryan Mooney!!!
8 pounds 13 ounces
21 inches long
Born at 8:36 am
We are blessed!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Which will it be?

In 12 days we will have a new addition to our family!
Which will it be?
Kyler Faith or Hank Ryan
The girls each have their own wants!
Guess we'll see soon!!!
The countdown is on!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

See you soon Daddio

Daddio had to head back to Nebraska & it was a pretty sad good-bye for all of us. This will be the longest time we've been apart so far & you would think we would be able to prepare ourselves for this, but we just can't. The sad part is that it'll be 18 days till we see Daddio again, but the happy part is not only that we will all be together, but the fact that we are adding a new addition to our family the next day is the best! The countdown is on! Baby #3, we can't wait to meet you, son or daughter, brother or sister, baby boy or baby girl, we already LOVE you!!!
Till next time Daddio, here's a few kisses from your Chick-a-Dee's!!!