Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So sweet

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!!!!!!

out like a light!

The Three of Them!


Hank is 6 months!

What a fun month this last month has been! Hank has gone from being sweet to even sweeter! He gets so bashful when almost anyone acknowledges him. He smiles big, kicks & hides his baby face! It's adorable. Hank weighed 19 lbs even at his 6 month ck up & is in the 80% for his weight & length! Hank now eats table food & he LOVES it! He squeals with delight and kicks like crazy because he isn't fed fast enough. Hank has started sitting by himself!!! AND, I even caught him scooting backwards on his tummy...guess that means crawling may be right around the corner! Hank is still the HAPPIEST baby I've ever know! LOVE this little guy!!!

Maci Sue is 4!

Abagail 5 1/2

The Girls


first night


bath tub