Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy / Not Happy

For Once, Abagail is not the one doing all the screaming & crying. Maci Sue decided to fill Abagail's shoes in this area.

I guess now that Abagail has side-kick-Barbie to hang with, she's putting on all the smiles, while Maci is showing us how good her lungs are.

Car rides are never fun for us. We've tried everything . . . and if one girl's not screaming the other one is.

Baby Girl Eggering!

Mackenzie Nichole Eggering

Proud parents are Matt & Marie Eggering

Congragulations Matt & Marie on your beautiful baby girl!!!

Super Star Student & Mother of the Year

I am so proud that Maci Sue was selected as the super star student of the month at her preschool. Along with this title, a poster board had to be made about Maci, this was due by Monday. I, being the procrastinator that I am, waited till 9:00 pm Sunday night to begin this project. Come 11:30, I called it quits & this is what I ended up with. I thought it looked pretty good so I took some pics of the poster board & called it a night. . . Monday night it was brought to my attention that I deserved the mother-of-the year-award for the poster board. My brother Willy, his girlfriend, Emily, works at the girl's preschool & she noticed one small mistake on the poster. Okay, maybe not a small mistake, but a HUGE mistake. Maci Sue's birthday is WRONG. I feel TERRIBLE. It's the 22nd, not the 2nd.
NOW, we can't place all the blame on me as Ryan proof read the board Monday morning & said everything looks good. Terrible, Terrible parents. At least Maci Sue is not old enough to know that her own parents wrote down her birthday wrong & no one is to let her know of this in the future either!!!:)

Here's what happened . . . The 2nd has been a significant day for Ryan & I from the beginning, we met on the 2nd, got married on the 2nd, Abagail's birthday is on the 2nd, & found out we were pregnant with Maci on the 2nd . . . So, guess the 2nd was what popped in my mind at 11:00 at night. . . I know- I know- Excuses, Excuses!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Making room

Since the girls got so much stuff for Christmas, we had to rearrange our furniture to fit in their new presents. Here's some pics of the girl's toy corner.

New Years Day

Due to the diagnosis of Pneumonia for Maci Sue, we spent our New Years Eve & Day at home. Not sure who enjoyed it more, the girls getting to spend time with Emmie & Uncle Willy & playing with their X-mas toys OR Ryan spending multiple hours playing Wii. Many, many games were played resulting in some sore muscles, or at least for me:)

Sleeping Beauties

I so adore a sleeping baby! Even though the girls are 3 & almost 2, they are still my babies.

Daddy-O time

Check this our Momma . . . No Hands!!!
Abagail had to get in on all the action too.
Remember when it was cool to get shoulder, biggy-back, & horsie rides! The thrill of being way up high or the chance of being bucked off . . . what fun that was!