Saturday, January 30, 2010


Winter 2010
At our new house we have awesome hills for sledding. Lots of fun watching the girls first sledding experience!

Abagail and her clothes!

Now there's a story behind these adorable pictures. Last week my in-laws had me over for a birthday meal. After telling the girls that they were going to get to go their their NaNa & PawPaw's, Abagail ran to her room and said that she better try on her clothes to make sure she looks good enough to go there and this is what she came out of her room wearing. So funny!!!! Maci just decided to pose along with Abagail.

These girls crack me up!

Friday, January 8, 2010

My girls! Forever & Ever!

I think these pictures pretty much say it all! Abagail has sweetness in her eyes and Maci.....well, I'll let you see what you see!
Dang, she is so cute! I could just hug and squeeze her all day..... if she'd let me!

Huber Clan

Here's the Huber's!
Grandma & Grandpa (my dad's parents) and all 6 of their kids. My Dad is the one in the back row all the way to the left.
Above: Abagail
Christmas Eve 2009!
Below: Maci Sue

It is hard to get Abagail to act like she likes poor Maci Sue long enough to get them in a picutre together. So, for now, here's individual pics. Maybe by next year I can get a sister pic!


If you look right between my baby girls eye's you can see a whelp from a crash she had with the corner of our closet. Despite the pitiful face below, the pain did not even phase my rough and tough Maci Sue.

Christmas Cuties!


I sure do LOVE my Abagail!!!
A kiss for you!
and a kiss for me!